What is Justt Bonus?


As a paying member (PREMIUM), you will earn bonuses when you make purchases through Justt. The bonus can be seen as an attractive added benefit on top of the specific time and money savings you achieve when purchasing through Justt.

This is how it works

You earn bonuses every time you make a purchase from a supplier with a bonus scheme. You will find an overview and the rates below. Justt Bonus points are accrued on an ongoing basis and we provide the opportunity for a bonus payout 12 months after earning it.

The prerequisites for a payout of the Justt Bonus are:

  • that your membership is still active on the calculation date
  • that the supplier has registered the purchase through your Justt membership

There may be supplements to the prerequisites above, or special terms for the bonus scheme's date of entry into force and release date.

Suppliers that have a bonus scheme

Supplier Justt Justt Premium
Bent Brandt 1,5% 3%
DCC Energi 100 kr. 225 kr.
DI Tele 0% 8%
Erhvervsforsikring Danmark type A 0% 3%
Erhvervsforsikring Danmark type B 0% 2%
Højer & Lauritzen 2% 4%
Inventarland 4% 8%
JDE Professional 4% 10%
Jydsk Planteservice 0% 4%
Lyreco 5% 10%
MultiLine 4% 8%
Primagaz 0,1 kr. 0,2 kr.
Stadsing 4% 8%
Staples 5% 10%
Vraa dampvaskeri 0% 6%