Standard terms and conditions

Terms and Conditions as of September 11th 2018 for membership at Justt DK A/S CVR no. 24219690 (hereafter called Justt).


Membership gives the member access and the right to use the purchasing solution, purchasing advice and member service offered by Justt at any time. To ensure that members have the best possible purchasing conditions, Justt maintains a close dialogue with its suppliers. This means that supplier agreements, including prices and terms, are changing on an ongoing basis. The agreed price for membership is listed on and on the invoice sent. Justt can adjust the membership fee annually according to the net price index from Statistics Denmark, but a minimum of 2% per annum.

The membership's duration and changes

Membership takes effect on the registration date and runs for three months at a time from the first day of the month. For paying members (Justt Premium), the membership is prepaid and renewed automatically for three months at a time unless the member upgrades or downgrades the membership. Upgrading and downgrading a membership can be done at (hereafter called the members' portal). A membership upgrade will take effect on the date of the upgrade and the member will receive the additional benefits immediately. A membership downgrade enters into effect upon the expiry of the prepaid period. The lowest membership level is Justt. Prepaid membership is non-refundable.


Invoicing for purchased goods and/or services from suppliers is usually managed via Justt, but can also be done directly between the supplier and the member. When invoicing for goods and/or services via Justt, payment is made either by bank transfer or LeverandørService (Supplier Service). If the member cannot obtain credit approval for payment via bank transfer or LeverandørService, the membership will remain unchanged, but credit card payment or prepayment will be required instead. Non-paying members are charged an invoice fee, unless the questioned member has signed up to LeverandørService or has added a payment card. Interest is added if the member misses the payment deadline. Reminder fees are charged in accordance with applicable legislation.

Complaints and liability

Even if invoicing is done via Justt, the member accepts that the supplier in question is considered the real and legal business partner at any time. This means that the member must contact the supplier directly in regard to any complaints about the delivery. Whether a member receives invoices via Justt or directly from the supplier, the supplier's standard terms and conditions apply at all times.

If the supplier fails to comply with the delivery agreement, the member may be entitled to damages from Justt in an amount not to exceed the amount of damages to which Justt will be entitled from the supplier. If Justt is faced with compensation claims from suppliers due to cancelled orders as a result of the member's non-payment, the member is liable to pay compensation to Justt for the loss suffered by Justt. All prices are excl. VAT unless otherwise specifically stated.


Justt recommends that members sign up to LeverandørService. For bank transfers, payment must be made by the due date using the FIK code/payment reference shown on the invoice. All payments are managed by Justt's billing partner. The standard due date is the invoice date + 20 days. Exceptions may be made after a credit evaluation is completed or on selected suppliers.

Sharing of members' information

Membership is subject to Section 23 of the Danish Marketing Practices Act and is thus mutually confidential. However, in order to offer purchasing advice and optimal prices, Justt has the right to disclose relevant information about the member to its suppliers.

According to our Privacy Policy regarding your own security as well as the security of the company you represent is your password for Justt's purchasing portal personal and confidential and therefore must not be shared with others. Passwords for our suppliers' webshops, voucher codes, booking codes and other unique information about our discount agreements, that you acquire through your membership are also confidential and may not be shared with people outside the membership.

Justt Bonus

In addition to favourable prices, Justt also awards a bonus to members for purchases from selected suppliers (hereafter bonus suppliers). The terms and conditions are listed in the members' portal on together with other information about the suppliers.

Bonus payments are accumulated continuously and can be paid after 12 months based on the member's invoiced purchases with bonus suppliers. Bonuses are only paid on the basis of invoices paid by the member. Justt reserves the right to offset outstanding invoices in the member's bonus.

Bonus rates vary according to the membership type and are listed in the members' portal. In the event of termination of the membership, the member can request payment of the released bonus up until the expiration date. The option of receiving the released bonus lapses on the expiration date.

Released bonus which is not requested paid out 12 months after the release date becomes deprecated.

Not released bonus, earned by non-paying members, becomes deprecated in the case, where we have not registered a purchase at a bonusgiving supplier within a period of three months.

Informationand marketing

Justt is obliged to keep the member informed of new initiatives as well as inform the supplier about the member's association with Justt. Regular information about Justt's purchasing solution is therefore mandatory and cannot be opted out of. Justt's suppliers have the right to market themselves to Justt's members. Exchange of data, including purchasing data between Justt and Justt's suppliers, is a requirement for optimal utilisation of the membership. The member hereby grants permission for this.


Termination of the membership must be made inwriting before the end of the membership period. Justt must be notified in writing if the member wishes to discontinue any future cooperation.


The member's right to use Justt's purchasing solution is conditional on the member being able to meet the general terms and conditions of both Justt and the suppliers, and on it being in the commercial interest of both Justt and the suppliers. Justt does not guarantee or accept liability for the suppliers' products and services, including any defects and their resulting implications, nor any implications resulting from the member's trade with the suppliers, and cannot be held responsible for problems of this nature.

Changes to our Terms and Conditions

We may, from time to time, make changes to our Terms and Conditions. The latest version will be valid at all times and always available at we make a change that we consider to be material, we will inform you via a notice on the members' portal, or by e-mail to the e-mail address associated with your account. If you continue to sign in and use our services after a given change has come into effect, you agree to our current Terms andConditions.