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Experts in purchasing and negotiation.

Who are Justt?

Justt is Denmark's largest purchasing community serving businesses, and it is an effective online sales and marketing platform for suppliers. We are proud to call ourselves experts when it comes to purchasing and negotiation.

By helping thousands of member companies save time, money and effort on purchasing every day, we free up extra resources for them to manage their respective businesses. We also allow quality suppliers to have access to an attractive group of member companies, and these suppliers will offer better prices and terms in order to get access to more potential buyers through our buying platform, justt.com.

Company purchases are a waste of time

Every year, employees waste a lot of time on administrative purchases. On googling suppliers and looking for the best deals. On comparing suppliers and choosing the best ones. Often, this is done without any expert knowledge of the products and without negotiating from a position of strength. Generally speaking, it is a waste of time. The hours spent on the task are often far more expensive than the savings gained.


A limited insight into the different categories and products often results in company purchases that are random, ineffective and expensive.


In general, the expenses involved in finding suppliers and good prices are greater than the savings gained.


Limited bargaining power in small and medium sized companies mean that they usually end up paying too much.

Joint purchases provide shared advantages

We negotiate attractive discount deals with quality suppliers on behalf of our many members. The more we are, the better prices we get. Acting together, we provide smaller companies with the bargaining power of large customers while saving them a lot of time throughout the entire purchasing process. This is our great strength as a purchasing community.


Being a member of Justt allows smaller companies to get better prices than they could negotiate on their own. And they also save time on purchases.


On Justt, all suppliers, discounts and invoices are gathered in one place under a single login. This provides you with an overview and saves you time.


Through Justt, suppliers get access to a large member pool, and they therefore offer better prices to our members.

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