Purchasing in one place.

Save money and free up time.

Justt is the easiest way to buy products for your company's daily operations.
Get in complete control and save both money and precious time.

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The easiest way to the most products at the best prices


Great suppliers

We are experts in monitoring the market and pre-negotiate prices with reputable suppliers who rewards loyal customers.


Wide assortment

On Justt we offer offer almost anything you need in your company’s daily operation – from office supplies to tele communication.


Attractive conditions

Because we pre-negotiate prices with our suppliers, we offer a better overall price level, than you can negotiate on your own.


Save time, money and worries

We free up your time to find suppliers, negotiate prices and we remove your worries about paying too much.


Easy overview in one place

Find all the suppliers you need in one place with one login. We also gather your purchase history to make you efficient.


Get paid for your loyalty

When you buy you earn loyalty bonus. The more you buy and the longer you stay, the more bonus you earn.

We pay you money to save your time

We appreciate your loyalty. Actually so much, that we give you money back when purchasing through us.

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All you need in one place.

Justt gives you easy access to all the products and services you need to run your daily business.

We have several years of experience in procurement and we constantly monitor the market to find the best suppliers. We pre-negotiate the most competitive prices to serve the needs of our customers: To run their daily business more efficiently by saving time and money on purchasing and procurement.

From our own and thousands of members' experience in procurement, we can fairly accurately estimate your company's potential financial and time savings on Justt.

Investigate your potential savings within the different categories.


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Average annual savings on Justt:

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*Based on an average company with 20 employees across all industries

Justt sack Bonus

When you buy from our suppliers you earn loyalty bonus. We call it Justt Bonus, which is a cash savings, beside your savings in time and money.

Your loyalty bonus is determined by your membership and the number of years as Justt member. The longer you stay, the more you buy, the more bonus you get. Actually, we pay you money to save your time.

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Memberships & Prices

Choose Justt Free if you just want to get started quickly,
or Justt Pro if you want to reap the most value.

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EUR 0 /Month

  • users Easy access to suppliers in one place
  • coins-hand More than 40 attractive suppliers
  • binoculars Complete overview with one login
  • coins Everyday low pre-negotiated prices
  • percentage-badge Significant time and money savings
  • invoice EUR 5 fee per invoice
  • times No Loyalty Bonus

logo PRO

EUR 59 /Month

  • users Easy access to suppliers in one place
  • coins-hand More than 40 attractive suppliers
  • binoculars Complete overview with one login
  • coins Everyday low pre-negotiated prices
  • percentage-badge Significant time and money savings
  • invoice No invoicing fee
  • sack Earn Loyalty Bonus

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Justt opening January 1st 2017

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Terms & Conditions

Applicable to Membership Agreements concluded as from January 2017.

Membership Agreement

The Membership Agreement gives the member right to access and use all supplier agreements, and to receive purchase advice and other member services provided by Justt. To ensure the best possible member conditions, Justt has ongoing negotiations with the suppliers. This means that all supplier agreements, including prices and conditions, can by changed. The agreed Membership Fee appears on www.justt.com as well as on the invoice. Justt has the right to adjust the agreed Membership Fee following the official price index. However, minimum 2% per annum.

Duration and Termination

The Membership Agreement takes effect on the date of registration on www.justt.com. Termination of the Membership Agreement must be made on Justt’s purchasing portal latest on the last day before the beginning of a new quarter. After termination, the membership continues as a free of charge FREE membership so that ongoing activities can be conducted. If Justt has not either received or completed the termination, the Membership Agreement will be extended automatically by one quarter. Upgrading to a more expensive membership can be made on www.justt.com with immediate effect, whereby the member achieves the benefits related to the new membership plan from the date of subscription.


Invoicing of purchased goods and/or services is usually done via www.justt.com. However, invoicing can also be made directly from suppliers, to the member.

Though invoicing is done via Justt, the member at any time accepts that the suppliers are to be considered as the legal and actual business partners. This means that the member must apply directly to the supplier in case of complaints or any discrepancies regarding delivered goods and/or services. Regardless of whether the member receives invoices via Justt or directly from the supplier, the supplier’s standards conditions always apply.

In case the supplier fails to fulfil any delivery agreement, the member cannot win more right over Justt than Justt can win over the supplier. In case Justt should be met by compensation claims from suppliers due to cancelled orders caused by missing payments from the member, the member is liable to compensate Justt for the losses Justt may suffer.

By accepting this Membership Agreement, the member agrees to receive invoices via Justt where payment is made either with credit card or via LeverandørService. In case Justt cannot approve the member’s creditworthiness, suppliers can opt to invoice the member directly. Invoicing via Justt may at any time be brought to termination after which the member is invoiced directly from the supplier. In this case, the Membership Agreement continues unchanged. Justt can in some cases charge the member an invoicing fee. Interest rates and reminder fees are charged according to current legislations.


Payment must be made latest on the due date by using the payment reference applied to the invoice from arvato Finance A/S or by either enrolling a credit card or signing up to LeverandørService. Due date is by default set to be invoicing date + 20 days. Exceptions may occur after a credit rating is conducted. Membership fees paid in advance will not be refunded.


Trade secrets exchanged in the context of this Membership Agreement are covered by The Marketing Practices Consolidation Act § 19. Please note that Justt considers all information regarding suppliers, prices and products as confidential trade secrets. Justt is in its right to reveal relevant confidential information to a third party if the information is essential to providing purchasing counselling to the member.

Loyalty Bonus

Besides offering favourable prices to the member, some suppliers offer a Loyalty Bonus. The Loyalty Bonus can only be offered if the member complies to the always applicable conditions regarding Loyalty Bonus. These conditions are described alongside with the general information about the purchase solution on www.justt.com.

The Loyalty Bonus is paid out by Justt based on purchasing data delivered by the supplier. In case the supplier fails to fulfil the bonus agreement, the member cannot win more right over Justt than Justt can win over the supplier.

Information and Promotion

Justt is committed to keeping the member informed about new initiatives as well as Justt is committed to inform suppliers about individual member’s relation to Justt. Reception of member-related material is considered essential to the concept of Justt why receiving this material is mandatory and cannot be deselected. Suppliers involved in Justt are in their right to perform marketing to members of Justt. Exchange of data, including purchase data between Justt and the suppliers is required in order to offer the the intended benefit of the agreement to the member. By accepting this Member Agreement, the member gives Justt permission to exchange data regarding the member’s purchases.


The member’s right to use the supplier agreements provided by Justt depends on the member’s ability to meet both Justt’s and the supplier’s Standard Terms & Conditions as well as not being contrary to Justt’s and the supplier’s overall business interests. Justt does not guarantee or shall not be held responsible for products and services delivered by suppliers, including any deficiencies and their resulting consequences, nor for the consequences of a member’s trading with suppliers why Justt cannot be held responsible for any problems of this nature.